The Special Lift

The Highlift 11-Series lifts hair up to 4 levels lighter and offers a broad shade spectrum for cool to vibrant color results.

• The Ultra-Blondes 12-Series offer up to 5 levels of the strongest lift – for most brilliant blondes and ultra-brilliant results.
• Blonding Cream / Blonding Cream Ash intensifies the degree of lift by one half to one full level lighter.
• Blonding Cream Ash has an added mattening effect.


• For highlifting and toning of natural dark hair within a single service.
• For brilliant light browns and blonds without undesired and orange tinges. TOPCHIC EFFECTS Ultimate Fashion Highlights
• Supremely intensive and brilliant fashion contrasts and lightening up to 4 levels in one step with RAYMAXTM technology.
• Impressive color performance even on dyed hair
• 5 red shades for optimal selection.

The Topchic Special Lift Service provides a broad spectrum of even, bright and clear blonde tones with optimum durability and perfect gentleness.


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